20.Apr.14 20 hours ago

I take black men who say they don’t date black women, as serious as I take black people who say they can stand still while before I let go plays at a barbecue.

19.Apr.14 1 day ago
14.Apr.14 6 days ago

Never date a man with too much time on his hands.

09.Apr.14 1 week ago

There are 2 types of people who hate successful women.


A women who will never be one. A man who can’t afford one.

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08.Apr.14 1 week ago

The men in my life are hand picked, carefully chosen for me.
I believe lifes’ hardships will groom them to be kings.
I know I’m more than a handful, nothing short of amazing.
But no matter what I say, they can’t comprehend.
Men with money can’t buy what they have.
I pray even in their frustration they stay patient.
When these men I have loved, these men I call friends and family make it I swear I’ll cry a river because the moment their frustration fuels their passion I’ll be saying I’m so proud of you to the next Steve jobs, or Walt Disney.

05.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

I met my soulmate in Texas.

He was lighter than I usually like
But that baby looked good
Monochrome tee with printed sleeves
501 Levi’s
Air max 97s
Big lips
College educated but hood
Eyes that could lie and tell you the truth
Had my heels on and I still fit under his chin
Nice hands
Real slick…

02.Apr.14 2 weeks ago
You're so pretty

Omg thank you.

02.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

I’m stuck at 1,081 words.

02.Apr.14 2 weeks ago

Changing the worlds perspective of black women one day at a time.

02.Apr.14 2 weeks ago