if you think black women wearing their hair natural is unprofessional you are racist.

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28.Jul.14 9 hours ago
I feel kinda terrible because most times when I see posts uplifting black women the focus is pretty much on that stereotypical "body" we're all supposed to have. I've been berated all my life for not having that body. People talk about thin privilege a lot but I feel it's kinda different for black girls? I'm skinny but I'm viewed as "less than" for not having a "black girls body". I just feel like, in most cases, people will only let you get away with being darkskinned if you have a killer bod.


i think there’s some truth in that. black women are sexualized already, so it feels like a dark skinned girl usually has to have ass and titties to be sexy. 

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#Unbothered 💅

24.Jul.14 3 days ago

There’s levels to my trust.

I trust a lot of people enough to tell them my business (Im writing a book about my life anyway).

but there’s only 3 women I’d trust with my man in a room with the lights off.

24.Jul.14 4 days ago

The woman with iconic style is rarely the woman with the best wardrobe. She isn’t the woman following the rules. The iconic woman is the woman many adore for being truly herself and in doing so her choices became extremely influential to others.

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To be honest there’s plenty women who are prettier than me but they could never come for me. The authenticity, the confidence it keeps me ahead. You can’t buy that in stores.

17.Jul.14 1 week ago