The woman with iconic style is rarely the woman with the best wardrobe. She isn’t the woman following the rules. The iconic woman is the woman many adore for being truly herself and in doing so her choices became extremely influential to others.

21.Jul.14 2 days ago
17.Jul.14 6 days ago

To be honest there’s plenty women who are prettier than me but they could never come for me. The authenticity, the confidence it keeps me ahead. You can’t buy that in stores.

17.Jul.14 6 days ago

In my opinion one of the most dangerous things a person can do is see a piece of art, memorize the lyrics to a song, see an amazing woman, encounter a great man, pretty much embrace anything they find beautiful but instead of being inspired by those things they choose to emulate them.

14.Jul.14 1 week ago

Focus less on looking attractive and more on being a better woman

13.Jul.14 1 week ago
09.Jul.14 2 weeks ago

Lost Posing Soul.


sheastyles Always Manages To Capture The Best Of My Lost Posing Soul LOL If I Ever Were To Have A Shoot … She Gotsta Be There ✊

Let me get on set witcha we going in

09.Jul.14 2 weeks ago